What is a safe House

Why do we need a safe house

What can I do to help

   Our safe house is a home that provides safety and security for victims of commercial sex trafficking. The location and activities that go on at the safe house are purposely kept secret so survivors can be confident that their traffickers can't find them as they work to rebuild their lives.  

The home is located in a beautiful spot that ensures high levels of privacy and security while at the same time provides peaceful atmosphere to insure our guests are safe and comfortable.

   Survivors may stay at the safe house for as little as one day or as long as 18 months. While the average length of stay in the typical safe house is 90 days, our program is much more comprehensive and includes services typically not found in a safe house. These services include intensive mental health counseling, medical care, assistance with education and job skills training and much more. 

   Our goal is to help these survivors receive best chance to recover from the abuse and trauma they experienced  while being trafficked. 

   Operation Shield averages 4 calls a month to recover and place victims of commercial sex trafficking into a safe house. These girls typically have been beaten, drugged and sexually assaulted on a daily basis. Their life expectancy is only 7 years unless they escape their trafficker.   

  We don't currently have a safe house in Idaho, so we have been forced to send these girls to out of state placements or refer them to domestic violence centers.  Domestic violence centers are not an adequate placement for these girls and they often leave those facilities within just a few days.

   Commercial sex trafficking is a growing problem in Idaho and the surrounding states, but there are no safe houses in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming or Montana. Something must be done and quickly

Operation Shield is in the process of collecting donations and supplies to build the safe house. Please support our efforts by donating generously to this project. If you are a manufacturer or whole seller of building materials please contact Matt Smith at 208-534-8303 or please feel free to contact us with an idea of how you can help us build the the house.

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