Preventing Child Sex Trafficking

Every year thousands of children are coerced into the child sex trade by traffickers who solicit them over social media.   In fact, it is estimated that 76 percent of transactions for sex with underage girls start on the Internet (Ark of Hope for Children). According to UNICEF, 2 million children are subjected to prostitution in the global commercial sex trade (UNICEF).


Operation Shield volunteers provide free prevention education to hundreds of teens and pre-teens every year. Our goal is to prevent children from being victimized by:

  • Teaching youth how to recognize when they are being groomed and how to respond

  • Teach parents how to protect their children from online predators

  • Train Law Enforcement how to identify and react to possible cases of child sex trafficking

  • Internet "Stranger Danger" campaigns

  • Internet Help Ads on social media sites known to support sex trafficking

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