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Thank you for your kind support! Your donation supports the Prevention Rescue and Recovery of victims of child sex trafficking.

Support The Advocacy Center NOW!

Thanks to a generous donation from Copper Creek Homes and many other donors and supporters, Operation Shield is very happy to announce the opening of Idaho's only Human Trafficking Advocacy Center right here in Idaho Falls. 

As of tonight, we have raised enough money to get this project started, However, we still need to raise another $48,000 so please donate NOW!

The Advocacy Center will provide the following:
1. Experts in trauma counseling
2. Case Workers
3. Survivor Advocates that are survivors themselves
4. Education and employment assistance
5. Assistance with getting safe housing
6. 24 hour survivor support
And much more!


This project has been developed from input from several survivors that have been teaching me what they need to help them recover. You know who you are, and I want you to know, I love you girls and I know we can’t do this with out you! Thank you! This center is for you!


I also want to thank my wonderful board for making this happen. I couldn't have done this without your support!



Matt Smith
Executive Director
Operation Shield


Support Victim Services

Victims of human trafficking require the following services:

  • Recovery services

  • Forensic interviewing

  • Medical evaluation

  • Mental health services

  • Case Management services

Our ability to provide these services is limited by the funds we have available. Please support these services: 

Support Law Enforcement Training

Patrol officers all over the State are coming in contact with victims of human trafficking in routine traffic stops. Detectives investigate brothels and message parlors to break up prostitution rings. How well law enforcement responds to  victims can determine whether the victim will turn against the trafficker or turn against law enforcement.

Law enforcement officers need training to help them identify and appropriately respond to victims of human trafficking. Operation Shield Provides training to local law enforcement to give them the skills they need to properly identify and respond to victims of human trafficking.

International Programs

Help Us Feed The Children

We know that if we can provide a child at least one meal a day, their parents are less likely to sell their children to traffickers. We have been told by many parents, that it is better to give their children to the traffickers than to have them starve to death. One mother told me, " as someone's property they have value to that person, so they are more likely to feed the child and keep them alive." 

The truth is, these children live a life of hell and torture! Help us feed the children by donating to our feeding program, Now!

Provide Counseling and Rehabilitation to one child

Operation Shield embeds therapists and rehabilitation staff into orphanages where children who have been rescued from sex trafficking are staying.

These children often suffer from complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and require special therapies to stop the nightmares and flash backs that these children suffer with everyday. 

Help us stop their pain and suffering by donating to the therapy of these children. Please help them!

Support the Prevention Program

Operation Shield teaches children to raise, breed and sell goats and chickens so the child becomes an economic asset to the parents. This situation makes it very unlikely that the parent will sell their children to traffickers. Please support this program and buy a goat or a dozen chickens to support this project.

Donate a Goat
Donate 12 Chickens

Help Us Build a School/Church

Help us build the school/church in the city of Roussue! This building will provide a location for another feeding program as well as a place to provide the children with school 5 days a week. Church will be held in this building every Sunday.

This building is built to withstand hurricanes and will be the only building in the community where people can go to be safe from the many storms that hit the island.

Please help us finish the school/church, today!

​​Call us: 1-208-534-8303

Address: 3270 E. 17th Street #261  Ammon, Idaho 83406

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